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Your skin is one of your biggest shields, but it can also be one of your greatest assets. It carries messages from within your body out to the surface, allowing you to promptly react to any of its warnings. Thanks to modern-day medicine, we can now more than ever nourish our skin with all the precious nutrients it needs. Still, harmful substances seem to be circulating everywhere around us, threatening to damage our skin's protective barrier and find their way into our bodies.

While living in this revolutionary era and uncovering numerous valuable ingredients to pamper our skin, it can be a bit challenging and confusing to understand what your skin craves the most. Our mission is to be your companion during this journey and provide you with professional and experienced skincare support, paving your way to a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Your skin tells stories; we're here to ensure all of them are enchanting.

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Dr. Ray Johnson has studied & practiced as a Board-Certified Fellowship Trained Dermatologist for over 30 years. He is also a brilliant entrepreneur driven to offer the best care to patients/consumers alike. Dr. Johnson knew he wanted to help people on a very large scale. He saw the need for patients to have a platform of convenience + superior MD care. His Medical & Aesthetics practice in Arizona has grown exponentially, where his vision includes the same superior care and access to prescription-grade skin care product lines for everyone. is the platform that offers world-class dermatology appointments/consultation + Rx sent to your pharmacy of choice. You will find every skincare product line @ so that convenience is a priority, and our customers continue to be rewarded.

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